7 Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Take care of your pet—and the planet—with these natural and eco-friendly finds

By By Allyson Fox and Molly Raisch


The Best Eco-Friendly Pet ProductsVet’s Best Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo
($12.99, petco.com)
Bath time probably isn’t your pet’s favorite occasion, but at least choosing an eco-friendly and effective shampoo doesn’t have to be a stressful production. Give your pet a soft, lustrous coat with this natural cleanser packed with moisturizing aloe vera and vitamin E. Not all green shampoos are necessarily safe for your four-legged friend: You should avoid any products that contain tea tree oil, since this substance, although natural, can be toxic to dogs, says Cruz. "When considering an eco-friendly shampoo for your dog or cat, first consult with your veterinarian, especially if your dog has any skin conditions. Cats rarely need regular bathing unless recommended for a specific medical condition. Then be on the lookout for any allergic reactions," says Rene Carlson, DVM, president-elect of the American Veterinary Medical Association. "If you notice continuous scratching, a rash, or dryness, check with your veterinarian for other hair-care recommendations."