7 Foods to Get You Through April

Yes, it’s the cruelest month, but it can still be tasty.

By Emily Main


Maple syrup is among the best foods to eat in AprilMaple Syrup

Thoughts of maple syrup may conjure up images of changing leaves and brisk fall air, but it’s springtime when sugary sap starts flowing from maple trees. Find some freshly tapped syrup you can add to your oatmeal, and you’ll benefit from 54 antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

But why stop there? Maple trees aren’t the only trees to produce sap, and researchers at Cornell University are helping maple-syrup producers expand into walnut and birch syrups, tapped from trees that are more plentiful in the United States and not subject to the temperature swings that can hinder maple-syrup production. You might even find small-batch walnut and birch syrups at your local farmers’ market.

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Yum: Maple Mousse.