7 Household Items That Can Prevent Heatstroke

Keep your cool, and maybe save your life, by keeping these easy-to-acquire heat busters close at hand.

By Emily Main


How to Prevent Heat Stroke4 & 5. Spray bottles and a battery-powered fan
“The quickest way to cool someone off is to spray water on the person and let a fan blow over them,” he says. Pack spray bottles and small handheld fans in with camping or outdoor gear, or keep some close—perhaps hooked to your belt—while you exercise or work outdoors.

6. Ice packs
Putting bags of ice, or those chemical ice packs, underneath someone’s armpits cools him off quickly, as well, Dr. Scarzo adds. Stash a few in a lunch cooler to take with you. In the event that you need to cool someone off quickly and aren’t near ice or a cooler, you can immerse the person in a lake or creek.

7. Lots of towels
“Heatstroke can affect your heart, nerve, muscles, but the most important thing is that it affects your brain,” says Dr. Scarzo. So don’t just focus below the neck when trying to cool someone off. Soak towels in cold water and place them around the affected person’s head, or use the towels to hold ice packs in place. You can also use your spray bottle to spray the patient’s neck with cool water.

Courtesy of Rodale.com