7 Secrets to Eating Healthy on the Road

Avoid the nutritional landmines of airports and roadside stops with a little planning and even more patience.

By Emily Main


The easiest way to eat healthy is to cook for yourself…all the time. But let’s face it, that ain’t happening, especially this time of year, when the holidays have nearly half of the country hitting the roads or the skies to visit family. Combine the indulgences of the holiday season with the fact that America’s travel plazas aren’t exactly known for health food, and you’ve got a double-whammy, gut-busting dilemma. But here are two not-so-secret secrets that food companies don’t want you to know: You can take food with you on airplanes, and the drive-thru isn’t the only option for dinner in the car. Before your next trip, load up on these seven staples you should always have with you when you’re traveling.

Nuts: the perfect travel foodNuts

Why they’re good for traveling: Nuts are the perfect portable travel food. Not only are they easy to toss into your carry-on; they’re rich in belly-filling fiber, protein, and monounsaturated fat that will carry you through a long flight or at least to the next highway pit stop.

Eat this: All nuts are good for you, but the most nutrient-dense are almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, and pistachios. Another bonus? You can usually find raw nuts at convenience stores or airport food stands, in the event you didn’t get to pack your own. Just read ingredients lists to avoid nuts coated in genetically modified vegetable oils or sugar.