7 Secrets to Eating Healthy on the Road

Avoid the nutritional landmines of airports and roadside stops with a little planning and even more patience.

By Emily Main


Apples & Oranges: the perfect travel foodsOrganic Apples and Oranges

Why they’re good for traveling: Neither qualifies as a liquid or a gel, and neither bruises easily in your luggage. Plus, they both contain fiber, which provides slow-releasing energy to keep you alert.

Eat this: Most airports, and even gas stations, now sell fresh fruit, but here’s why you should always bring your own: Chances are, that fruit isn’t organic, and according to the Environmental Working Group’s annual pesticide-data studies, apples have some of the highest pesticide residues of any fruit.

Or that: In a pinch, fruit leather can stand in for fresh whole fruits. Look for the certified-organic Clif Kid Z Fruit Rope, which contains organic fruit and little else and is sold at a growing number of chains, including Starbucks and Jamba Juice, and in some airport convenience stores.