7 Shocking Reasons to Go Organic

Still not sold on organic? This list will help you see the light.

By Leah Zerbe and Emily Main


Shocking reason to go organic: agro-chemical pesticides are turning up in the environment.

1. It’s raining corn chemicals.

U.S. farmers are using so much glyphosate, the main component of weedkillers like Roundup, that researchers are finding it in rain, the air, and streams. According to USDA data, farmers sprayed a whopping 57 million pounds of glyphosate on food crops in 2009—mainly on genetically engineered corn and soy crops. Because glyphosate is a systemic chemical, it actually works its way inside the plant and winds up inside of food at alarming levels. The chemical is linked to potentially irreversible metabolic damage, infertility, obesity, learning disabilities, and birth defects.

What to do about it: Make as many of your food purchases organic as you can to keep this hormone-disrupting chemical out of the environment—and your body. If you live in an area where glyphosate in drinking water is a problem, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends granular activated carbon filters to remove glyphosate from water.

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Photo: Brand X Pictures