7 Shocking Reasons to Go Organic

Still not sold on organic? This list will help you see the light.

By Leah Zerbe and Emily Main


Shocking reason to go organic: obesogens are making you fat.

3. Pesticides are making us fat.

Both pesticide applicators and farmers who use synthetic chemicals are experiencing a troubling health trend: an increased risk of becoming overweight and obese. Pesticides, even at very low doses, threaten the general public, too. Many chemicals commonly used to grow nonorganic food are hormone disruptors, and scientists are starting to discover that they tamper with our body’s natural weight-loss chemistry. (They actually call them “obesogens.”) Certain bug-killing organophosphate pesticides are linked to obesity, a known risk factor for many other diseases, including cancer and type 2 diabetes.

What to do about it: Eating organic for just five days can rid the body of virtually all pesticide residues. Think you can’t afford it? Look for in-season deals at local farmers’ markets, buy in bulk, and preserve the excess to enjoy during the winter months.

Photo: Stockbyte