7 Shocking Reasons to Go Organic

Still not sold on organic? This list will help you see the light.

By Leah Zerbe and Emily Main


Shocking reason to go organic: agro-chemical pesticides mess up you vitamin D intake.

5. Pesticides could be interfering with your vitamin D levels.

DDT, an organochlorine pesticide, was banned years ago because of its irreparable environmental damage. But pesticides in that same class of chemicals continue to be used on cotton, apples, citrus, strawberries, mint, beans, peppers, tomatoes, pecans, walnuts, stonefruit, cucurbits, and commercial lawns and fields. And a study in the online journal PLoS One found that those pesticides could interfere with vitamin D, the miracle vitamin that wards off cancer, diabetes, infections, heart disease, and broken bones and boosts your immune system. It’s thought that these pesticides interfere with your body’s metabolism of vitamin D, so even if you’re getting enough, the pesticides prevent your body from absorbing it properly.

What to do about it: In addition to eating organic, get your recommended amount of vitamin D by spending at least 10 minutes of every day outside when the sun is at its strongest or by taking a 600 IU supplement of vitamin D3, which is a more beneficial form of the vitamin than vitamin D2, another supplement you might see at the store.

Photo: Ingram Publishing