7 Steps to a Hassle-Free July 4th

With the July 4th holiday in sight, check out these tips to plan a happy and safe Independence Day.

By Dana Blinder


It’s almost time to kick off your shoes, fire up the grill, and lounge by the pool with family and friends. But before celebrating our nation’s freedom with some free time off from work, make sure you’re well prepared. Green grilling, safe food handling, and tips for avoiding waterborne germs will ensure your holiday goes off without a hitch.

Grill green this summer, making sure your're aware of any pollutants and chemicals coming from your grill.# 1. Grill Green
Hamburgers aren’t the only things coming from your charcoal grill. Environmental pollutants from burning charcoal, plus the environmental cost of creating it in the first place, make that method the least green grilling option, so go with a natural gas (the ecofriendliest choice) or an electric grill, if you can. If you can’t give up charcoal, look for a natural brand of coals not soaked in petroleum, and light up with a chimney starter instead of lighter fluid. Also, consider the ecofootprint of what you’re grilling. Our resident Nickel Pincher suggests you try grilling seafood or pizza.