7 Steps to a Hassle-Free July 4th

With the July 4th holiday in sight, check out these tips to plan a happy and safe Independence Day.

By Dana Blinder


Prepare and grill safely and cleanly, using every necessary precaution.# 2. Grill Safely
A few mosquito bites may be unavoidable for your July 4th party guests, but with some forethought they won’t leave with food poisoning. Prepare your food safely by using clean utensils and minding cross-contamination (don’t let cooked and raw food touch or share a plate or platter). Make sure you have a cooler, some ice, and a food thermometer so you can monitor and regulate food temperatures. Keep cold food at 40°F or colder. Check that ground beef and pork are cooked to 160° F; steaks, roasts, and fish should be cooked to 145°F. Double-check with guests about food allergies to prevent any emergencies.