7 Surprising Ways to Recycle Plastic

Recycling plastic keeps trash out of landfills and decreases our reliance on polluting fossil fuels.

By Kayla Caldwell


The U.S. Postal Service can handle a lot of your electronic recycling needs.4. Return to Sender

Want to recycle electronics but don’t live near any responsible e-waste recyclers? Stop by your local post office. The U.S. Postal Service teamed up with Clover Technologies Group in order to create a recycling program that allows free recycling of inkjet cartridges, PDAs, BlackBerries, digital cameras, iPods, and MP3 players (all made with plastic). About 1,500 post offices in the United States are participating. You pick up free envelopes from the post office and mail in whatever item you want to recycle; postage is paid for. Clover Technologies dismantles all the equipment in the United States, so there’s no risk of it winding up in the hands of a child combing through trash in a developing country.