7 Toxins That Could Kill Your Workouts

Get fit without coming into contact with allergy-inducing chemicals.


How to avoid exposure toi toxins in your workout.Disinfectants and Air Fresheners

With the potentially deadly MRSA superbug circulating around gyms, and able to live for months on equipment, many gym managers are using toxic disinfectants to wipe out the bacterial bug. Unfortunately, disinfectant sprays can contain hundreds of phthalate-loaded fragrance chemicals and VOCs regulated as toxic or hazardous under federal law. These nasty, but all-too-common, cleaner ingredients are linked to everything from cancer and asthma to headaches and allergies. Making matters worse, using antimicrobial cleaners and soaps is actually making the supergerm situation worse. Instead of wiping machines and equipment down with toxic chemicals, work on keeping your hands away from your face during your workout, and as soon as you're finished working out, get a shower or at the very least wash your hands with regular soap and water—it's a simple solution, and it works. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been found to kill MRSA, and alcohol does not lead to antibiotic-resistance. But be sure to find a wipe or gel that is at least 70 percent alcohol and fragrance free. On a similar note, if your gym is using air freshener sprays and gels, the indoor air may be dangerously polluted. Tell management these chemicals aren't safe, and that they make it harder for you to breathe.