The 8 Best Fall Foods

Cold weather and shorter days can make for some surprisingly tasty meals.

By Emily Main


Peanut pumpkins are perfect for making pies.Peanut Pumpkins

Eat them: Want a really freaky-looking pumpkin to decorate your front stoop for Halloween that tastes amazing after the holiday is over? Hunt down a peanut pumpkin—or Galeux d'Eysine, as it’s officially known. This wart-covered French heirloom pumpkin develops more peanut-shell-shaped warts as it matures, making it great for decoration. But it'll beat the canned stuff, hands down, in your holiday pies.

Find them: As with most rare heirloom-variety vegetables, you’ll have to look hard for a peanut pumpkin. Start at your farmers’ market, and if you don’t see any, find a local pumpkin patch that sells heirloom varieties.

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Photo: (cc) Gloria Cabada-Leman/Flickr