The 8 Best Fall Foods

Cold weather and shorter days can make for some surprisingly tasty meals.

By Emily Main


Mushrooms harbor compounds linked to lower rates of cancer.Lobster Mushrooms

Eat them: These reddish oddities aren’t a variety of mushroom, per se, but mushrooms that have been covered with a parasitic fungus. The fungus is red and makes the original mushroom, which turns white on the inside, unidentifiable (which is why it’s best to buy these—foraging for them in the wild may lead you to eat a poisonous mushroom). Mushrooms of all varieties harbor compounds linked to lower rates of prostate cancer, breast cancer, and heart disease; lobster mushrooms, with their mildly seafoodlike flavor, just look way more interesting on your dinner plate!

Find them: These will start turning up at farmers’ markets in September and October, and you may also find them at larger grocery-store chains.

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Photo: (cc) Jason Hollinger/Flickr