The 8 Best Fall Foods

Cold weather and shorter days can make for some surprisingly tasty meals.

By Emily Main


Kale offers nearly 100% of your daily requirements for vitamins K and A.Tuscan Kale

Eat it: Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat, with nearly 100 percent of your daily requirements for vitamins K and A, and any variety is a healthy addition to your dinner. But Tuscan kale is much more versatile: Steam it, add it to soups, or eat it raw, and it will hold its shape and flavor. It makes a great stand-in for lettuce in salads.

Find it: Tuscan kale is pretty common in grocery stores and farmers’ markets. You might see it sold under one of its other nicknames, dinosaur or lacinto kale.

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Photo: (cc) Tuscanycious/Flickr