The 8 Best Fall Foods

Cold weather and shorter days can make for some surprisingly tasty meals.

By Emily Main


Eating wild boar has an environmental benefit.Wild Boar

Eat them: Meat from wild game has fewer calories, less saturated and total fat, and even lower levels of cholesterol than meat from factory-farmed animals, according to research published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Not only that, wild animals are free of hormones and antibiotics, and their diets consist of wild greens, acorns, and plants, not genetically modified feed. Wild boar, in particular, should be eaten…often! They’re invasive nuisances to farmers across the United States, destroying farm fields and terrorizing animals. So eating boar meat actually leads to a net environmental benefit.

Find them: Start at a local farmers’ market or a butcher who processes hunters’ wild catch. If you can’t find any locally, sells cuts of wild boar caught in Texas, where the state is working hard to contain a burgeoning population.

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Photo: (cc) Mike Baird/Flickr