8 Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bill—with Healthy Food

Shop healthy and save money on your next trip to the grocery store.

By Emily Main


Save money on your grocery bill while buying cheap and healthy food!Here are 8 ways to start saving money while eating healthy:

1. Don’t chase advertised specials.
Supermarket ads use very enticing pictures and words to get you to think you need to buy what they’re selling, says Barbara Salsbury, author of the book Beating the High Cost of Eating: The Essential Guide to Supermarket Survival (Horizon, 2005).

But often, what seems to be a deal is anything but. “It might be a markup, it might be a tie-in. Only rarely are the sales real bargains.” She’s a big proponent of making lists. “If you have 10 things that you normally buy, write them down, and keep track of the prices every time you see them.

It will just take a few weeks until you know what’s a good price on those items,” she says. Once you know what they normally cost, you’ll know if those “sales” are really a good deal.