8 Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bill—with Healthy Food

Shop healthy and save money on your next trip to the grocery store.

By Emily Main


Save money on your grocery bill while buying cheap and healthy food!2. Consider the cupboard.
Many of us diligently make lists and plan out our weekly meals before we shop, to avoid temptation from junk food we don’t need. But instead of looking at what we already have, we read recipes and get more stuff we don’t need.

“Throw out the traditional meal menu planning, and start by making do with what you have in your cupboard,” says Salsbury. So if you’ve already stocked up on staples, and you have a box of pasta and some frozen vegetables, you may just need some spices or a different kind of cheese to make that into a meal.

Or, once you’ve sharpened your deal-spotting skills, make meals from the food you find on sale at the store, she says. True, supermarket discounts favor unhealthy foods, but if you consistently shop for the few healthy items that are on sale, you’ll make a huge dent in your grocery bill.