8 Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bill—with Healthy Food

Shop healthy and save money on your next trip to the grocery store.

By Emily Main


Save money on your grocery bill while buying cheap and healthy food!5. Look for generic organics.
Organic products are just as creatively marketed as conventional, and we can be tempted to buy more expensive brands by glitzier labels, Salsbury says.

Many stores now carry private-label organics that are just as good as national brands; just look for the USDA organic seal.

“Made with organic ingredients” and “all-natural” products can look convincing, but “we need to read labels and make sure we’re getting what we think we’re getting.”

Also, she adds, look for local organic produce, now working its way from farmer’s markets to chain stores. Stores usually offer it for less than organic produce that’s shipped from far away.