9 Secrets to Finding the Best Local Food

There’s a cheaper, more convenient way to get local food than heading to your farmers’ market every week.

By Emily Main


Shopping at a CSA: Are you willing to learn how to can?

Are you a quick learner?

The number-one reason people give for not renewing a CSA share is that they feel guilty about all the food that gets wasted, either because they can’t eat it fast enough or they don’t know how to cook what they get. If you’ve taken a cooking class, you won’t have to worry about that second part, but if your share is loading you down with too many tomatoes or a massive crop of celery you can’t eat in a week, are you willing to take a few hours on the weekend to preserve your veggies? You don’t have to do much, but there is a little bit of a learning curve involved for figuring out which vegetables freeze best, or how to can things like tomatoes and green beans. Bookmark this website on your home computer. It’s the homepage for the National Center for Home Preservation and provides crop-by-crop instructions for freezing, canning, and, if you’re really adventurous, even fermenting your food.

Another alternative is to ask the farmers whether they offer half-shares, smaller shares that provide just a few vegetables each week and are less intimidating for noncooks.

Photo: Mitch Mandel

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