9 Secrets to Finding the Best Local Food

There’s a cheaper, more convenient way to get local food than heading to your farmers’ market every week.

By Emily Main


Shopping at a CSA: Is the farm organic?

What pesticides are they using?

Sure, locally grown food is fresher than food shipped from 1,000 miles away, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s pesticide-free. Considering that pesticides are being linked to every ailment from obesity to overactive children, it’s important to avoid them locally, where pesticides can infiltrate your air and water supply. Ideally, you’ll find a local farmer that is USDA Organic certified, but if not, ask which pesticides, if any, the farmer uses. Farmers that use organic practices but aren’t certified are eager to share their methods with you. If a farmer acts cagey when pressed about pesticide use, though, find another one.

Photo: (cc) JetsandZeppelins/Flickr