9 Secrets to Finding the Best Local Food

There’s a cheaper, more convenient way to get local food than heading to your farmers’ market every week.

By Emily Main


Shopping at a CSA: What happens when crops fail?

Are you willing to cut your losses?

When you sign up for a CSA, you’re essentially making an investment in a farm so the farmers have the money they need to grow healthy, hopefully organic, food all season. When they succeed, you get lots of food. When disaster hits, you share in the burden. Heavy rains, droughts, pests, and any manner of other natural disasters can ruin part of the harvest, and you won’t get a refund. In those cases, farmers do work to fulfill their commitment—for instance, by trading with other farmers. But it’s worth asking your farmer what his or her plans are in the event of bad weather.

Photo: (cc) Jackie/Flickr