Autumn Fancy

Celebrate nature in transition with a fall wreath.

By Doug Hall

Photography by Mitch Mandel


make this simple autumn wreath to decorate for the seasonMade with the colorful but perishable leaves of autumn, this wreath fleetingly captures the beauty of the season. The technique used to craft the wreath also works with longer-lasting evergreen foliage, such as magnolia, boxwood, and fir; but when applied to deciduous leaves that have just begun to turn, the results are brilliant.

Leaves that are somewhat thick or leathery to begin with will hold up better than paper-thin leaves, which are more likely to shrivel as they dry. For this wreath, designer Mark Kintzel of Allentown, Pennsylvania, collected foliage from a dogwood that displayed a rainbow of fall hues: chartreuse, amber, russet, and bronze. Expect the wreath to last a week or two as a table centerpiece indoors or twice as long when hung outdoors on a door or gate. Because the leaves aren't preserved with chemicals, they can be put into the compost pile when you're done with the wreath.

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