The Best Summer Sunglasses

Pick shades that look great and give your eyes the best protection—and keep your old pair out of the landfill.

By Megan O’Neill


If you choose to purchase recycled shades, make sure they still have the adequate protective qualities. 4. Seek out recycled shades
While buying secondhand shades might seem like the greenest way to go, Dr. Monica advises against buying used frames unless they are marked with a sticker that says they block the proper amount of UV. If there isn’t a tag, you can’t be sure they’re protective unless you bring them to an eye-care expert who can check them with a photometer. If it’s time for a new pair and you want an ecofriendly choice, ICU Eyewear makes sunglasses from reclaimed materials that cost only $21.95. And iWood’s frames are made from sustainable wood, though the price ($350) is pretty steep.