Clean Sweep

A healthy house starts with cleaning tools that are multifunctional and reusable


A healthy house starts with cleaning tools that are multifunctional and reusable. Pair them with the hard-working, sweet-smelling cleaners and you'll have everything you need to turn your house into a spotless sanctuary.

1. Long-Life Bucket
This old-fashioned eight-quart galvanized bucket will stand up to years of use—and it's pretty enough to hold flowers from the garden when the cleaning is done. Caldrea

2. Sturdy Sponge
Natural vegetable cellulose sponges, made from plant pulp, pop up when wet and are extra absorbent and strong enough to toss into the microwave (for about a minute) for sanitizing. Trader Joe's for store info.

3. Versatile Cleaning Cloths
Used dry or dampened with just water, these synthetic microfiber cloths whisk away dust, dirt, and fingerprints from all smooth surfaces. Toss them in the wash when chores are done and they're ready for another go-round. Casabella's are available in varieties for glass (blue), all-purpose use (pink), and stainless steel (green). Casabella

4. Scratch-Free Scrub Brush
The plant-fiber bristles of Caldrea's superlight brush, which is specially sized for women's hands, tackle tough spills and stains—but won't leave a scratch. $15, Caldrea

5. Multipurpose Squeegee
No cleaning caddy should be without a squeegee. Use it to get a streak-free shine on windows and mirrors. After a shower, wipe down the tiles with it and you'll never battle mildew again. $7, Casabella

6. Super Spray Mop
You can fill the Pico mop with the nontoxic cleaner of your choice—just pour it into the barrel, attach a washable microfiber cloth to the head, pull the trigger to wet the floor, and start sprucing. $40, Leifheit Housewares

Click here for a wallet card listing toxic and nontoxic ingredients in cleaning products.