Fend Off 5 Spring Pests Naturally

Bugged by spring insects? Use natural pest control—not unhealthy, toxic chemicals—to protect yourself and your home.

By Leah Zerbe


how to get rid of bedbugsBedbugs

Once bedbugs find their way into your home, it's hard to fully get rid of them without the help of an expert. But there are ways to prevent getting them in the first place, and to cut down their population in your home so fewer chemicals are required for total annihilation.

1. To avoid bringing hitchhiking bedbugs into your home following a vacation, be sure to keep your suitcase on a rack or shelf in your room. As an added measure, when you return home from a place that may have been infested, you can tie your suitcase up in two garbage bags and let it sit in the sun for three days to kill any unwanted hitchhikers.

2. To reduce the severity of an infestation in your home, clear out clutter under your bed; take your bed frame apart and scour it to kill eggs; seal up cracks in walls and floors so the bugs can't migrate from room to room, or apartment to apartment; pull your bed away from the wall, keep your sheets from touching the floor, and ditch your bedskirt. For more tips on dealing with bedbugs in a natural way, read 5 Ways to Beat Bedbugs.