Find Time to Exercise on Your Busiest Day

Here's how you can optimize your workout minutes.

By Einav Keet


How to fit exercise into your busy scheduleChoose multipurpose moves. When time is at a premium, your best bet is to favor exercises that train several muscle groups at once. Women's Health offers a fast, body-toning on-the-go workout of "supersets" that use your own body weight as resistance. For more calorie burning, try's interval-training workout, which condenses a half-hour's worth of exercise into 8 minutes. Men's Health offers this fast-moving, five-step fat-burning workout.

Become a NEAT freak. Exercise doesn't end just because you've put away your sneakers, says Comana. "To promote health and weight loss, we need to think beyond exercise and enhance our lives with NEAT—nonexercise activity thermogenesis." Any activity that gets your muscles moving can be considered a form of exercise. Standing instead of sitting, walking instead of driving, using the stairs instead of the elevator—all these things burn calories and contribute to your fitness. Do whatever you can to avoid sitting for most of your day.