Get to Know Your Local Beekeeper

Learn about organic beekeeping and how it boosts your health.

By Emily Main


Get to Know Your Local bee Keeper#2: Honey can heal.
Honey is often touted as a cure-all for everything from burns (put raw honey on a burn as soon as possible to speed healing) to cuts and scrapes (honey's natural antiseptic properties allow it to work a bit like hydrogen peroxide). It's soothing for sore throats. And it may be good for your heart, too. Research by food scientists at the University of Illinois found that honey, especially dark honey, slowed the action of LDL "bad" cholesterol in test-tube studies. Buckwheat honey seemed to have the biggest effect. Honey is also full of health-protective antioxidants, though the clover honey that's ubiquitous in supermarkets has the least. Try buckwheat, sunflower, tupelo, and acacia types.

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