Grow a Good-Mood Garden

Ward off bad moods with a mood-boosting backyard garden.

By Emily Main


Growing and eating blue potatoes will put you in a better moodBlue Potatoes

Eat it: The anthocyanin antioxidants in rare—but tasty!—blue potatoes reduce inflammation that can lead to bad moods. Their skin is also packed with iodine, which helps stabilize thyroid hormone levels, thus warding off mood swings.

Grow it: Potatoes are about the easiest crops to grow. You can even grow them in a bag of potting soil, without really dirtying your hands. To do that, cut a few drainage holes at the bottom of a bag of potting soil, then stand the bag someplace sunny. Bury two "seed potatoes" (you can buy them from Wood Prairie Farms) about 4 inches deep, and wait about 3 months for them to grow. When flowers start to appear, tip the bag over and dig out the potatoes. To keep the harvest going long into the fall, plant a new set of seed potatoes every few weeks.

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Photo: (cc) Will Merydith/Flickr