Holiday Travel Advice

7 ways to stay safe on the busiest travel day of the year

By Emily Main


Let your navigator do the talking- and the navigating6. Let your navigator do the talking—and the navigating

Whether it’s your cellphone, your GPS, the satellite radio, or even the low-tech paper map, drivers face a lot of distractions these days. You may know better than to text while driving, which leads to a 23-fold increase in your risk of a crash, but it’s not a good idea to hold phone conversations (even with a hands-free device) or fiddle with any gadgets.

The rate of crashes is four times higher among people who talk on hands-free phones while driving (often because the crashes take place while someone is dialing a number), and reading a paper map while driving is seven times riskier than talking on the phone. Let the other travelers do the navigating, or if you're driving alone, set the GPS and don’t fiddle with it until you’ve stopped.