Homemade Ornaments

Ditch the plastic, dollar-store ornaments this year, and decorate your tree with homemade, edible creations.

By Jean Nick


Apple and Starfruit StarsApple and Starfruit Stars

Cut an apple in half horizontally, not vertically, and the 5 seed cavities form an open star in the center. Cut each half into thin rounds, about ¼ inch or a little less, and dry those on parchment paper in a very cool oven set on 150ºF, in a food dehydrator, or just in a dry room. Drying in an oven takes about 10 hours, but a food dehydrator speeds up the process. Use a needle to thread a string or piece of ribbon through the edge of each slice.

You can do the same thing with starfruit, a tropical fruit available in many supermarket produce sections. Just thinly slice those thinly to expose their star-shaped outline, dry them as you would apple slices and string them up. After the holidays, eat your apple and starfruit slices as is, chop them up into cereal, or even soak them in water (or liquor) to bake into pies.