Homemade Ornaments

Ditch the plastic, dollar-store ornaments this year, and decorate your tree with homemade, edible creations.

By Jean Nick


Citrus Peel Stars & FlowersCitrus Peel Stars & Flowers

Citrus peel dries nicely and is easy to cut into holiday shapes; tangerine or Clementine skins are especially easy to work with. Cut your fruits in half and scoop out the pulp with a spoon. Use a sharp pair of scissors to make evenly spaced cuts from the rim about two-thirds of the way down toward the bottom. Carefully flatten the cut peel, and use your scissors to shape the sections into points of a star, flower petals, or anything else you like.

Thread some string through one of your sections, and they dry the peel: Spread a few layers of newspaper on a flat surface, arrange your peels on that, cover them with more newspaper, and then stack magazines or books on the top to keep the peels flat. They're ready as soon as they are dry and stiff, and depending on how fleshy your peels are, that may take a few days to a week. You can do the same with pomegranate skins, which are really pretty.