Homemade Ornaments

Ditch the plastic, dollar-store ornaments this year, and decorate your tree with homemade, edible creations.

By Jean Nick


Citrus BasketsCitrus Baskets

Cleaned citrus halves make great natural baskets! Use a needle to thread three lengths of string through the edge at equidistant points, then set the skin aside to dry (a few hours in a very low oven will speed the process). Tie the ends of the three strings together so it will hang level, and fill it with small edibles or natural pretties, such as rose hips (which can be made into tea or jelly later) or tiny pine cones.

Or make something similar pictured here: Cut open a small hole at the top of an orange and remove as much pulp as you can without tearing the skin, and refill the fruit with cinnamon, cloves or whatever spices you like. Use a paring knife to cut small slits into the sides for a mini citrus sachet.