How to Make the Honeymoon Last

Simple techniques to boost your romance levels.

By Leah Zerbe


simple techniques to make the honeymoon lastHere are three easy ways to improve your enduring relationship (and your time together between the sheets):

• Understand you have different noggins.
Cut out a zillion petty arguments by understanding that the brains of men and women are vastly different. According to some neuroscientists, women’s left and right brain hemispheres often work at the same time, which means they can verbalize emotions faster than men. Among other things, this suggests men sometimes need extra time to process and formulate a response in a conversation, while women are expecting a more immediate answer.

• Make contact.
Manufacture bursts of oxytocin, known as the love hormone, by touching your partner. Swapping half-hour massages every other night lowered a stress-related enzyme by 34%, according to Utah researchers. If you don’t have time for that, cuddle for 10 minutes for a shot of oxytocin. The hormone is also released during orgasm, which is why sex can bust stress and anxiety, and lower blood pressure.

• See your partner through another’s eyes.
If all you see when you look at your partner are flaws and shortcomings, you need to spend some time focusing on his or her strengths. Ponder what your friends and colleagues admire about your significant other. Their views aren’t clouded by the fact that she never puts the remote back in the right place, or he keeps forgetting to buy milk, or any of the other thousand things about your partner that drive you crazy.