Natural Fixes for Your Three Biggest Skin Concerns

Worried that your skin doesn’t look its best? Ditch expensive cosmetics for some natural alternatives.

By Emily Main


natural skin remedies• Wrinkles. The best thing you can do to stave off wrinkles is avoid sun exposure, whether that’s through using sunscreen, wearing a hat or clothing that offers sun protection, or sitting in the shade. Also, grab a pair of shades when you’re outside, as squinting can lead to crow’s feet around the eyes. But back inside, something as minor as how you sleep can lead to wrinkles, too. Sleeping on your side or stomach with your face mashed into a pillow causes wrinkles, while sleeping on your back may keep that from happening. If wrinkles have already set in, buy an inexpensive vitamin C cream, which helps build collagen and minimize wrinkles. And try a homemade papaya peel: Grind 2 tablespoons of washed and peeled papaya in a food processor, and add 1 tablespoon of dry oatmeal (the oatmeal helps to remove debris from the skin). Pat this mixture onto clean skin and let it set for 10 minutes. Then remove it with a wet washcloth, using an outward, circular motion. Papaya is full of enzymes that help break down the outer layer of skin, minimizing wrinkles.

• Sagging neck. The skin on your neck is the thinnest skin on your body, and that makes it particularly susceptible to the process of aging. Using the same treatments you would for wrinkles and dry skin can help prevent neck skin from sagging. And maintaining good posture can eliminate strain on your neck muscles, which can add to sagging. The way you dress can help conceal any sagging you may already have, as well. Standard turtlenecks can pinch loose skin and accentuate sagging skin, but a loose-fitting or scrunch-neck version can help hide sagging.