Recipes for Green Cleaning Supplies

Make your own environmentally friendly cleaning products


Cleaning supplies often contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to you and your family and disastrous to the environment. With the following recipes you can bring that same sensibility that keeps your garden organic into your home by making your own cleaning supplies.

Easy oven care
Is there a nastier job in the house than cleaning the oven? And there are few household cleansers that are more dangerous than commercial oven cleaners. Not cleaning it might seem like the best option—until something bubbles over and leaves a smoldering puddle on the oven bottom. But you won't need to use a killer chemical oven cleaner if you keep your stove clean with natural cleansers: After every use, wipe the inside of the oven with full-strength, 5-percent acidity vinegar after it has cooled down.

Gentler homemade laundry cleanser
Your clothes will be clean and the water supply safer when you replace harsh chemical laundry products with the following homemade alternatives.

Washing machine soap:
1 cup of pure soap flakes or powder
2 to 4 tablespoons of washing soda (available at large supermarkets)

Add to the washing machine as it is filling with water. Use 2 tablespoons of washing soda for soft water, 4 tablespoons for very hard water.

Delicate soap for hand-washables
A half cup of soap flakes
1 cup of water
A half cup of borax

  • Place ingredients in a saucepan and simmer until mixture reaches uniform consistency.
  • Strain into a glass jar.
  • Cover and store.
  • Mix a half cup of soap with hot water to wash a sink full of clothes.
  • To cleanse clothes of any remaining soap film, add either a half cup of white vinegar or a half cup of baking soda to the final rinse.


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