Six Last-Minute Labor Day Birding Trips

It’s the perfect time of year for a quick bird-watching excursion.


Located near many major cities on the East Coast, the Cape May Bird Observatory is a great spot.3. Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May, New Jersey
No more than a half a day’s drive from most major cities in the Northeast, Cape May has a temperate climate that suits nearly every species of migratory birds, and they linger year-round. “That’s a great spot,” says Kaufman. Like Duluth, Cape May is situated at a funnel point; birds travel down the eastern seaboard and get to the tip of New Jersey, where they pause for a while to think over their next move. Around this time of year, the observatory, located at the southernmost end of New Jersey, on the Delaware Bay, hosts warblers and other warm-weather songbirds.