Stress-Free Thanksgiving Planning

A little Thanksgiving planning now will make you extra-thankful come Turkey Day.

By Jean Nick


Save Thanksgiving Day for roasting mixed root veggies with fresh rosemary (sweet potatoes, white beets, and parsnips are my favorites), Brussels sprouts sautéed with bacon and cream, and those oven-fresh pies (pumpkin, apple, and green tomato mincemeat), which you can serve with a choice of a good local Cheddar cheese or fresh small-batch vanilla ice cream from the local ice creamery.

Delegate, delegate, delegate
It works at the office and it works at home, too. Assign guests and family members to take care of specific dishes and tasks. Send out your assignments this week; then send reminders the weekend before the holiday. And don’t be a purist: Cranberry sauce and gravy come in jars and taste great (avoid the canned stuff; those cans are lined with bisphenol A), pie shells or complete pies are readily available from the grocer’s freezer or at your local baker. Mix and match purchased and homemade dishes to suit everyone's time and skills; query the cooks on your guest list to see if they're up for making something or would prefer to grab something at the store.

Make room in the fridge
Work on eating up (or composting) as much as possible out of your refrigerator from now till Thanksgiving Day, to allow room for all the ingredients, prepared dishes, and, eventually, leftovers.