The 11 Healthiest Foods for the Planet

Tread more lightly on the planet, and rack up a few nutrition bonus points while you do.

By Emily Main and Leah Zerbe


11 best foods for the planetOrganic Kefir

Benefit for Your Body: Kefir is like drinkable yogurt, absolutely teeming with protiotics that help safeguard your immune system, knock out colds, and keep your digestive tract healthy and ready to remove toxic chemicals from your body. Just be sure it’s low in sugar to reap the ultimate belly benefits. When your kefir comes from grass-fed cows, the milk used to make the drink contains significantly higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and could even lower your heart-attack risk.

Planetary Perk: When you choose organic kefir, you’re supporting a way of farming that allows cows to live longer and reduces the feed required and the wastes generated, according to a recent dairy study by the Organic Center. Buying dairy from organic, pasture-raised small farmers also keeps toxic pesticides out of local waterways and the food supply.

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