Seeds, Seed Catalogs, and Seed Starting

All you need to know about selecting, ordering, and starting your own organic seeds.


Spring is in the Mailbox!

Seed catalogs are a gardener's salvation in mid-winter. To help you get the most out of catalog season, we've compiled a list of our favorite organic seed companies, a how-to guide for reading a seed catalog, plus helpful tips for starting your own seeds.

seed catalogs   Organic Seed Companies
what you should know before ordering seeds from a catalog   How to Read a Seed Catalog
seed catalogs   10 Tips for Shopping from a Seed Catalog
seedlings   Handy Seed Starting Chart
You can grow vigorous plants from seed at home.   5 Reasons to Start Your Own Seeds
find out what you need to get started starting your own seeds   Seed-Starting Equipment and Supplies
starting seeds can be simple if you let it be.   Seed Starting at a Glance
A recipe for making your own seed-starting mix   Blend Your Own Seed-Starting Mix
seedlings   14 Tips for Starting Your Own Seeds
starting seeds   Starting Seeds Indoors
  Pretreatments for Slow-to-Germinate Seeds
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