Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Feel good about the gifts you give this holiday season!


This quirky mushroom-growing kit is a great gift this holiday and is eco-friendly.Back-to-the-Roots Mushroom Growing Kit

Grow gourmet mushrooms? In the middle of winter? Two young, forward-thinking green entrepreneurs have made it possible with these quirky mushroom-growing kits. Grow the 'shrooms in the cardboard box they're shipped in, which contains a growing medium of recycled coffee grinds, and just add water. Then, sit back and watch the beautiful growing process unfold. The kits produce about a half-pound of mushrooms you can use in winter soups and breakfast omelets. Back-to-the-Roots is offering a special discount for readers. Use code: Save10GiftofGiving for 10 percent off and free shipping when ordering two or more kits.