Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Feel good about the gifts you give this holiday season!


This organic dental kit promotes oral health while benefiting the environment.Organic Dental Kit

Dirty mouth? That could lead to serious heart problems, research has found. So clean it up! Radius, a toothbrush company based in Pennsylvania, creates ergonomically correct toothbrushes made from recycled plastic, flax, wood, and even dollar bills. And since some brushes feature replaceable heads, you wind up reusing 93 percent of the brush! Toss in a bottle of Vermont Soap Company's Organic Toothbrush sanitizer, made of natural ingredients, not hard-to-pronounce chemicals, and a spool of Radius' Cranberry Floss. Unlike regular floss, which is coated in petroleum-based wax, theirs is coated with pure unsweetened cranberry oils sourced from Ocean Spray, which helps break up plaque.

$8 to $38;