Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Feel good about the gifts you give this holiday season!


These cute reusable bags make for a great gift this season.Reusable Bags

Forget boring throwaway wrapping paper and instead tuck your smaller gifts into reusable produce bags, doubling your gift-giving efforts! ChicoBag's Produce Stand Starter Kit or Blue Lotus Goods' organic cotton bags are perfect for your farmer's-market-loving friends and family members. Mesh bags work wonders for storing apples, oranges, potatoes, and onions, while sustainable solid hemp and organic cotton do the trick for greens, grains, and nuts. Look for ChicoBag's rePETe series—they're constructed from recycled plastic bottles and come in all different designs and sizes. Blue Lotus Bags come in stylish, colorful apple, carrot, bamboo, greens, and grains prints.

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