Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Feel good about the gifts you give this holiday season!


These garden tools are a perfect gift for a seasoned gardener in your life. DeWit Garden Tools

These built-to-last-a-lifetime garden tools are meticulously crafted in Holland and perfect for the seasoned gardener in your family—the one who can easily spot the difference between a cheap box-store garden trowel that will fall apart in a week and one that will handle years of punishment in the garden. If shopping for garden tools is as foreign as trying to read a book in another language, know that weeds are a challenge for all organic gardeners, so tools like hoes make great gifts. Hand hoes like Cape Cod and Dutch hoes are staples in the garden; the longer-handled Coleman Swan Neck Hoe helps gardeners with bad backs do their weeding while standing up.

$24 to $83;