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Bigger vegetables and more fragrant blooms - in a fraction of the space!

  1. 10 Things You Can Grow in a Vertical Garden

  2. Great Toms
    close Great Tomato Varieties for your Vertical Garden
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  3. 5 Vertical Gardening Secrets You can use today!

    If you want LOTS of juicy tomatoes, grow top-performing vertical varieties like Better Boy Hybrid.

    Or how would you like to grow a smooth, meaty, and delicious tomato as big as a grapefruit? Or an unusual TALL-vined Italian paste tomato that's perfect for thick, zesty sauce? Or a super-flavorful variety that easily grows tomatoes 3 pounds each! The good news starts on page 87 of VERTICAL GARDENING!

    Get super-high yields the easy way with your own skyscraper garden! A few pieces of wood, a crosspiece, and some netting are all you need to create a powerhouse Skyscraper Garden that can produce up to 20 trombone zucchini, 500 tomatoes, and 50 cucumbers!

    See page 47 for details ... plus find out which plants will grow best. It's as easy as A-B-C with VERTICAL GARDENING!

    Bedding flowers are nice and they deserve a place in your garden, but they're no match for the tower of dazzling colors you can grow when you plant orange and red climbing nasturtiums together. Or grow a brilliant curtain of hundreds of yellow, orange, or pink black-eyed Susan vines that draw hummingbirds like a magnet. See VERTICAL GARDENING for can't-miss details!

    Now you can grow big, fresh, juicy climbing strawberries continuously from spring through fall. Read the startling secret on page 101 for sweet success. Grow them in hanging baskets for a gorgeous curtain effect ... or train them to grow up to 4 feet tall in a pyramid or scaffold. See how, in your FREE-preview copy of VERTICAL GARDENING!

    When you grow UP, insect and disease problems automatically become less serious because your plants are off the ground where pests and disease live. And, on the off chance insect pests do find your garden, you'll be prepared, thanks to VERTICAL GARDENING! Spray a little of this (see page 44) on your plant's leaves to shoo them away. Or make up your own potent garlic/pepper spray repellent as shown on page 46. Or take your pick of a dozen other natural remedies to thwart insect pests and disease!

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  4. 6 Easy Steps to build a Simple Squash trellis
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  5. 80 Tips for Picking at the Peak
  6. Free Recipe
  7. Discover hundreds of Vertical Gardening secrets